' Seven Stones - The Legend of the Seven Stones

The Legend of the Seven Stones

The mural prominently displayed in our tasting room is a local artists’ depiction of the Seven Stones of the Similkameen Valley. The formations are large boulders or erratics that were left behind by glaciers and are the basis of local folklore based on an ancient culture’s values of unity and magic.

Centuries ago the local Okanagan & Similkameen indigenous people, who were semi-nomadic at the time, used them as landmarks as they traveled throughout the Similkameen Valley. As very spiritual people, they considered the stones to be a reminder from their creator of the seven most important things in life. So each of those stones became symbols of certain values the tribes held dearly and became places to commemorate, celebrate or practice these values. Eventually each stone developed its own set of stories that became legends. The sum of of the legends became what’s known as The Legend of the Seven Stones.
Seven Stones honors this fascinating legend by paying homage to three of the stones: Speaking, Standing and Bromley rock. If you look closely at our labels, you’ll see how we honor these majestic formations.
Come and take a tour of our facility (see our section on cave tours) and you’ll learn even more about this authentic local folklore.