' Seven Stones - Contests


The Great Seven Stones Photo Contest was a great success last year and maybe we'll do it again in 2019!

Here's what we did!

Do you have a favourite photo of Seven Stones you want to share with us? Well, want to see it - and it might win a wine-lover's prize!

It could be a photo of the winery, vineyard, caves, the tasting room, a wine maker's dinner, your friends sipping wine, Benny, George or one of the patio like the one below by Art is Brewin. (It doesn't matter what it is as long as it was taken at Seven Stones, belongs to you or you have permission to use it.)

Post them on our FB page and the best one will win a prize and be featured here on our website! Enter as many images as you like*!




 The Winning Photo of our 2018 "My Favourite Seven Stones Photo" Contest

Photo by Susan Goldie